Name: Muhammad Akram

Country: Pakistan


Department of Eastern Medicine, Directorate of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology, Government College University Faisalabad

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Moza Nothain, Post office Chak Mubarak, Thana Bhera, Tehsil Bhalwal, District Sargodha

Research Interests:

Hyperuricemia, Xanthine oxidase inhibition by some selected medicinal plants, Enzyme Inhibition, Study of traditional system medicine (Indusyunic Medicine) Phytochemistry, and poisonous plants. Bioactivity and phytopharmaceutical evaluation of herb drugs and their natural products, Medicinal plants and Clinical trial, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics



  • A-One Grade in Metric
  • Merit Scholarship in F.Sc
  • Merit Scholarship in B.E.M.S
  • First Position in first Professional B.E.M.S Examination                 2000-2002
  • Second Position in Second Professional B.E.M.S Examination       2002-2003
  • Second Position in Third Professional B.E.M.S Examination          2003-2004
  • Second Position in Fourth Professional B.E.M.S Examination        2004-2005
  • First Position in M.Phil Course work                                               2008-2009
  • A. Grade in first Semester Ph.D Course work                                 2010
  • A. Grade in 2nd Semester Ph.D Course work                                   2010
  • Approved Research Supervisor for Ph.D. degree by the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad, Pakistan