Name: mohammad javad Amiri

Country: Iran, Islamic Republic of


Department of Water Engineering, College of Agriculture, Fasa University

Phone no: +9897153344849

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Fasa University, 74617-81189 Fasa, Iran

Research Interests:

  • Wastewater treatment, 
  • bio adsorbent, 
  • Environmental nanotechnology, 
  • Hydroinformatics.


  • Kinetic, equilibrium and thermodynamic investigations of Ni (II), Cd (II), Cu (II) and Co (II) adsorption on barley straw ash 
  • Investigation of climate change in Iran
  •  Kinetic and thermodynamic investigations of Pb(II) and Cd(II) adsorption on nanoscale organo-functionalized SiO2-Al2O3 Modeling Pb (II) adsorption from aqueous solution by ostrich bone ash using adaptive neural-based fuzzy inference system 
  • Estimation of Daily Reference Evapotranspiration Using Support Vector Machines and Artificial Neural Networks in Greenhouse
  •  Removal of methyl orange on modified ostrich bone waste-A novel organic-inorganic biocomposite
  •  Modification of aluminum-silicate nanoparticles by melamine-based dendrimer L-cysteine methyl esters for adsorptive characteristic of Hg (II) ions from the synthetic...
  •  Estimation of daily pan evaporation using adaptive neural-based fuzzy inference system
  •  Synthesis and adsorption characteristics of an heterogenized manganese nanoadsorbent towards methyl orange
  •  Reclamation of unconventional water using nano zero-valent iron particles: an application for groundwater
  •  Modelling Pb (II) adsorption based on synthetic and industrial wastewaters by ostrich bone char using artificial neural network and multivariate non-linear regression 
  • Water Recycling and Community