Name: Miklos Nyitrai

Country: Hungary


University of Pécs.

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University of Pécs,
Department of Biophysics,
Szigeti str 12,
H-7624 Pécs,

Research Interests:

The application of biophysical, mainly fluorscence spectroscopic and microscopic methods, and rapid kinetic assays to study protein-protein interactions.



  1. Ankyrin domain of myosin 16 influences motor function and decreases protein phosphatise catalytic activity.
  2. FASCIN and alpha-actinin can regulate the conformation of actin filaments.
  3. DAAM is required for thin filament formation and sarcomerogenesis during muscle development in Drosophila.
  4. The other side of the coin: Functional and structural versatility of ADF / cofilins.
  5. Membrane binding properties of IRSp53-missing in metastasis domain (IMD) protein.
  6. Myosin and tropomyosin stabilize the conformation of formin-nucleated actin filaments.
  7. Formins Regulate Actin Filament Flexibility through Long Range Allosteric Interactions.
  8. The Core FH2 Domain of Diaphanous-Related Formins Is an Elongated Actin Binding Protein that Inhibits Polymerization.
  9. Adenosine diphosphate and strain sensitivity in myosin motors.
  10. What Kinesin does at Roadblocks: the Coordination Mechanism for Molecular Walking.