Name: Michela Balsamo

Country: Italy


Disputer, "G.D'annunzio" University.

Phone no: +3908713555308

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Via dei Vestini, 31 - Campus Universitario - 66100 Chieti

Research Interests:

Psychometricsmeasurement Of Clinical Variables, Such Ad Anxiety, Depression, Rumination, Etc.


  • Michela Balsamo obtained her undergraduate degree summa cum laude in Psychology from the Second University of Naples (Italy) in 1999. 
  • During her post degree internship on psychometrics, she won a three-year PhD position in Psychology at the University of Chieti (Italy) under thesupervision of Prof. Aristide Saggino. 
  • From 2003 to 2006 her research was focused on the study of the measurement of depression using new psychometric theory (Item Response Theory) (Phd 2006). 
  • In 2007, following a comparative evaluation, she won a two-year Post-Doc position at the University of Chieti (Italy). 
  • In 2010 shebecame lecturer in the M-PSI/03 area (Psychometrics) at the University of Chieti.
  • She is currently an Aggregate Professor of Psychometrics in the Department of Psychological, Helath and Territorial Sciences at the University of Chieti, where she collaborates with the Psychometrics lab. 
  • She is also a reviewer for Psychiatric Researchand Comprehensive Psychiatry for studiesregarding measurement of clinical variables. 
  • She is a member of the Italian Society for the Experimental Psychology (AIP) that aims to promoteempirical studies in this area. 
  • Annually, Dr. Balsamo actively participates in many national and international conferences. 
  • She is author and co-author in several national and international journals.