Name: Michael Marciano

Country: United States


Research Assistant Professor.

Phone no: 315-443-5279

Email: Send an Email


Forensic & National Security Sciences Institute,
Syracuse University: College of Arts and Sciences,
1-014 Center for Science and Technology,
Syracuse, NY 13244.

Research Interests:

  • M.S. Forensic Molecular Biology, University at Albany
  • My research focus is at the intersection of genetic identity, DNA based forensic science and issues pertaining to national security.
  • I leverage molecular biology and bioinformatics to address applied scientific questions relating to
  1. DNA based geolocation - the exploitation of biologicals to aid in tagging, tracking locating targets of interest  and
  2. laboratory and computational approaches to DNA mixture interpretation.
  • Current teaching includes FSC 440/640 Forensic DNA Analysis, which focuses on current practices, innovative applied research and "hands- on" use of analysis software and FSC440/640 Forensic Analysis of Biological Fluids, which is a laboratory based class focused on the identification and classification of biological material.


  • My background as a practicing forensic scientist at the Onondaga County Center for Forensic Sciences has provided a foundation in field based applications of forensic techniques that bridge the gap between practitioners and the research community.
  • In this time, I was recognized as an expert in DNA analysis in both federal and local courts.
  • I later joined the SRC Inc. Bioforensics group in pursuit of new challenges in applied research and development relating to national security and global threats.
  • I engage both the intelligence and law enforcement communities through our innovative biological solutions to complex problem sets.  
  • As the principal investigator of the bioforensics laboratory within the Forensic and National Security Sciences Institute, I look forward to interacting with faculty, staff and students through collaborations, research and classroom environments.