Qualification: Ph.D

Country: Iran, Islamic Republic of


Associate Professor,
Public Health (Health Promotion),
School of Public Health & Primary Health Care,
Fiji National University.

Phone no: (+679) 3233502 Ext: 3817 I, (+679) 9726127

Fax: (+679) 3233919 I

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Fiji National University,
Tamavua Campus,
Suva, Fiji Islands.

Research Interests:

  • Conducting individual or collaborative scholarly projects.
  • Identifying sources of funding and contribute to the process of securing funds for own scholarly activities.
  • Extending, transforming and applying knowledge acquired from scholarship to teaching and appropriate external activities. Designing, conducting, and evaluating the qualitative, quantitative and, clinical trials researches.
  • Statistical analysis of data and presentation of the results.
  • Conducting research on cross-cultural health issues.
  • Conducting systematic review and evidence-based studies.
  • Conducting research on Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, overweigh and obesity, cardiovascular disease and physical activity.
  • Doing research in different settings such as school, church, community, and hospital.
  • Doing research on determinants of health such as alcohol, smoking, unhealthy foods, stress, and physical activity
  • Doing research in different participants such as children, adolescents, adults and elderly people
  • Developing research on Healthy Public Policy and translating the knowledge into the practice.


  • Dr Masoud Mohammadnezhad graduated was awarded his PhD in Public Health from Flinders University, Australia, in 2014.
  • He is currently teaching at Fiji National University (FNU), where he is an Associate Professor of Public Health (Health Promotion) in the School of Public Health and Primary Care.
  • Dr Mohammadnezhad has vast experience in public health program management, health promotion and community engagement and mobilization in collaboration with other partners such as NGOs, government and community groups.
  • He has great experience in leading, conducting and writing high quality systematic reviews to inform health service designs, management and delivery.
  • The majority of his research experiences are in the areas of health intervention initiatives and programs, including education and awareness, health promotion initiatives and implementations.
  • This includes accessibility to services and health equity distribution across different social constructs, including policy implementation.
  • Dr Mohammadnezhad is doing research on topics such as: obesity, Type 2 diabetes mellitus, malnutrition in children, oral health, physical activity, CVD, HIV/AIDS, and smoking.