Name: Marta Worzakowska

Country: Poland


Maria Curie Skłodowska University, Department of Polymer Chemistry

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Maria Curie Skłodowska University, Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Polymer Chemistry, Gliniana 33 street, 20-614 Lublin, Poland

Research Interests:

Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Chemical enginnering, Thermal analysis (TG, DSC, DMA, Vicat/HDT), Spectrometry, Polymer Characterization, Polymerization, Nanomaterials, Natural polymers, Chemical and physical modification of polymers, Degradation kinetics, Polymer processing, Crosslinking, Elastomers, Plasticizers, Epoxy resins, Mechanical properties, Viscosity, Hardness, SEM analysis, Chromatography, Graft polymerization, Graft materials, Natural organic compounds, Aroma compounds, Organic and inorganic initiators.


  • Chemical modification of unsaturated polyesters. 
  • Synthesis, characterization, thermal, viscoelastic and mechanical properties of unsaturated epoxypolyesters cured with different hardeners. 
  • Thermal and dynamic mechanical properties of IPNs. 
  • Studies on the cure reaction of unsaturated (epoxy) polyesters 
  • Synthesis and properties of new radical initiators. 
  • Synthesis, characterization and properties of unsaturated polyesters of increased solubility in styrene 
  • Kinetics of the curing reaction of unsaturated polyester resins catalysed with initiators and promoter and curing kinetics of mono- and diepoxides obtained from divinylbenzene .
  • Influence of cure schedule on the viscoelastic properties and thermal degradation of crosslinked mono- and diepoxides obtained during the reaction of hydrogen peroxide and divinylbenzene. 
  • Synthesis, characterization and thermal properties of meth(acrylate) copolymers. 
  • Synthesis, characterization and TG/DSC/FTIR studies of linear terpene diesters and some flavor compounds. 
  • Preparation, thermal and mechanical properties of polymers modified by natural based plasticizers. 
  • Degradation kinetic studies of flavor, terpene compounds. 
  • Microwave-assisted synthesis of aroma long chain esters 
  • Chemical modification of carbohydrate polymers and the properties of novel, more environmentally friendly copolymers.