Name: Marcia Ong

Country: united states


Alcon Research

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3020 Bellaire Ranch Drive, Apt. 1527
Fort Worth, Texas, 76109

Research Interests:

Cataract and Refractive Surgery



  • Master of Science (MS): 2001    
  • University of North Texas Health Science Center, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
  • Thesis Title:  Serum-deprivation: a Model for Lens Cell Differentiation
  • Bachelor of Science (BS): 1997 
  • Texas A&M University, Biomedical Science     
  • Leadership/Management Skills

Experienced in:

  • Emphasize on communication, presentation skills.
  • Project head and sub-team lead in a cross-functional core team structure to ensure strategic alignment, planning, communication, coordination and execution of project activities.  Polished and professional business communication skills. 
  • Training/supervising technicians and junior scientists, improving their performance, development and productivity.  (up to how many)
  • Managing/overseeing collaborations and contracts with outside research groups/medical scientists in United States and Japan.  In this capacity travelled to various U.S. and Japanese laboratories and hospitals. (effective collaboration with leading KOLs)

Professional Employment History:  
Demonstrated history of increased responsibilities:

  • Principal Scientist, IOL R&D, Alcon            June 2013-Present
  • Senior Scientist III, IOL R&D, Alcon            2011-2013
  • Senior Scientist II, IOL R&D, Alcon            2009-2010    Add months
  • Senior Scientist I, IOL R&D, Alcon            2007-2008
  • Scientist II, IOL R&D, Alcon            2005-2006
  • Scientist I, IOL R&D, Alcon             2001-2004