Name: Marcello Iriti

Country: ITALY


Assistant Professor,
Dipartimento di Produzione Vegetale.

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Milan State University,

Research Interests:

  • Bioactive phytochemicals: phenylpropanoids (polyphenols, i.e. flavonoids, stilbenes and proanthocyanidins); isoprenoids (monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes "essential oils; lycopene" carotenoids); alkaloids.
  • Antioxidant, anticancer and cardioprotective activities of plant products.
  • Mediterranean Diet and healthy properties of red wine. Nutrition and oral health.
  • Dietary melatonin and related indoleamines. Phytosterols.
  • Ethnonutrition, ethnopharmacology and ethnobotany.


  • Professor of Plant Biology and Pathology at the Department of Agricultural end Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, Milan State University. 
  • Member of the Board of the PhD School in Sciences for Food Systems, Milan State University.
  • Member of the Italian Society of Human Nutrition (SINU).
  • He has been studying bioactive phytochemicals relevant for human nutrition and health, including melatonin, polyphenols and carotenoids, focusing on their functional role in planta, as well as on in vitro/in vivo and in human biological activities. 
  • Furthermore, he has been investigating the effects of elicitors on plant secondary metabolism, as an approach to obtain phytochemical-enriched plant foods.