Name: Marcel Pikhart

Country: Czech Republic


University of Hradec Kralove.

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University of Hradec Kralove,
Rokitanskeho Czech Republic.

Research Interests:

intercultural communication, business communication, managerial communication



  1. The central role of politeness in business communication: The appropriateness principle as the way to enhance business communication efficiency.
  2. Managerial communication and its changes in the global intercultural business world.
  3. Theoretical foundations of intercultural business communication and their practical consequences.
  4. Intercultural linguistics as a new academic approach to communication
  5. Implementing New Global Business Trends to Intercultural Business Communication
  6. New Horizons of Intercultural Communication: Applied Linguistics Approach
  7. The implementation of internal communication system as a way to company efficiency
  8. The Humanities in Postmodern Era University: Academic Failure or Success?
  9. Reader of texts from ancient philosophy: (Pre-Socrates, classical period, Hellenism)
  10. An Introduction to General Religion for Students in the Social Fields