Name: Mao Linchun

Qualification: Ph.D

Country: China


 Agricultural Product Processing and Storage

Phone no: 0571-88982429

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 Agricultural Product Processing and Storage

Research Interests:

postharvest biological and storage technology of fruits and vegetables 2, aquatic products processing logistics and keep alive technology 3, food preservation and safety control technology


  • 1986 graduated from the Department of Horticulture, Zhejiang Agricultural University, and taught. 
  • 1992 was promoted to associate professor.
  • 2000 was awarded a doctorate in physiology postharvest Zhejiang University, 
  • 2000 was promoted to professor.
  • 2002 was awarded doctoral tutor qualification. Research direction for the processing and preservation of agricultural products, food processing logistics and security control. 
  • 1991 - 1992 went to the Federal University of Kiel, Germany, education, 
  • 2000 years of training to learn agricultural research centers in Israel, 
  • 2001-2002 annual study visit at the University of Florida.