Name: Mahdi Fallah

Country: Germany


German cancer Research Center

Phone no: +49.62 21.42-18 05

Fax: +49.62 21.42-18 10

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Im Neuenheimer Feld 580,
69120, Heidelberg,

Research Interests:

  • Familial cancers, endocrine cancers, cancer epidemiology
  • Epidemiology Group leader; international cancer research experience; drug study experience; development of Prostate Cancer.
  • Risk Assessment Model (PCRAM); working with very large international and national cancer databases [cancer registries, GLOBOCAN, EUCAN, NORDCAN, CI5, FCD (worlds largest family-cancer database), etc.



  • Group Leader in the Division of Preventive Oncology at the National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT Heidelberg); 
  • Head of Epidemiology Research Group in the Division of Molecular Genetic Epidemiology at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ); 
  • Scientist and coordinator of Nordic collaboration on familial cancers; 
  • 5 years clinical practice; 4 years post-doc in epidemiology, Germany; 
  • 3 years pharmaco-epidemiology post-doc in chronic diseases epidemiology in Finland; 
  • extensive research experience international settings; 
  • pooling and analysis of very large international epidemiological datasets (Swedish Family-Cancer Database, world's largest of its kind, including >14.7 million subjects, and various cancer registries, Nordic family-cancer datasets);
  • supervising / mentoring / teaching PhD students and post-docs; epidemiological and applied statistical consultant

Highlights: AACR Awards 2015 and 2016;

  • Best Article Award; 
  • several press releases; 
  • several grants; 
  • developed familial Prostate Cancer Risk Assessment Model (PCRAM) and several methods to deal with ascertainment bias in cancer registry data; 
  • development and analysis of Nordic Family-Cancer Joint Dataset
  • Reviewer of grant application: Swiss Cancer League, Swiss Cancer Research, Switzerland

Editorial Board Member/Reviewer of peer-reviewed journals: 

  • Annals of Oncology, JAMA Dermatology, International J Cancer, Thyroid, Cancer Research Frontiers, J Thyroid Cancer, Cancer Epidemiol Bomark, Cancer Epidemiol, Hematol Reports, J Pediatric Surgery, etc. (83 Merits in; top 7% of all reviewers and top 2% of DKFZ reviewers)