Name: Magis Mandapathil

Country: Germany


Department of Otorhinolaryngology,
University of Marburg.

Phone no: 06421-58-62850

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35033 Marburg,

Research Interests:

Head and Neck Cancer, Tumor immunology, Regulatory T cells, Adenosine


  • Mrs. PD Mandapathil received the highest award for junior scientists for its publication "Generation and Function of p53-specific Adaptive Regulatory T cells". 
  • This work analyzes the importance of tumor-antigen-specific immunosuppressive cells in the escape of tumor cells from recognition and destruction by the immune system. 
  • In particular, the role of the tumor suppressor gene p53, which is mutated in the large number of patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck region, is investigated.
  • The prize is awarded annually for outstanding scientific achievements in the field of ear, nose and throat medicine as the highest scientific award of the professional society. 
  • The funding should primarily highlight the personality and role model function of the award winner.