Name: M. Camino Escolar-Llamazares

Country: Spain


Burgos University

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Department of Health Sciences,
University of Burgos

Research Interests:

Anxiety and depression; Test anxiety; Education; Childhood anxiety; Anxiety and entrepreneurship; Eating disorder


  • Current professional situation Professor of Psychology (PhD) Area of Personality, Evaluation and Psychological Treatment Faculty of Health Sciences Paseo Comendadores s/n. (H. Militar). 09001.
  • Burgos University of Burgos (Spain) Education Graduate of Therapeutic Pedagogy University of León (Spain).
  • 1992 Graduate of Psicology University of Salamanca (Spain).
  • 1995 PhD in Psychology University of Salamanca (Spain).
  • 2007 Master in Behavioral Therapy National University of Distance Education (UNED) (Spain). 
  • 2009 Master's Degree in General Health Psychology Valencia International University (VIU) 2016