Name: Luis Ulloa

Country: United States


Associate Professor,
Department of Surgery,
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

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Department of Surgery, 
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School,

Research Interests:

  • My current research focuses on the physiological and cellular mechanisms of vagal modulation of the immune system in experimental sepsis.
  • From a cellular standpoint, we were pioneers reporting that the vagus nerve controls inflammation via inducible T regulatory lymphocytes. Our studies were recently confirmed by other investigators.
  • During the last years, we have studied the regulation of immune cells by typical neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine, dopamine, and norepinephrine.
  • One critical consideration in our studies is the translation these mechanisms into novel therapeutic and pharmacologic strategies for infectious and inflammatory disorders.


  • Dr. Ulloa studies the physiological mechanisms controlling the immune system and their pharmacological translation for the treatment of infectious and inflammatory disorders.
  • In special, Dr Ulloa is interested on the physiological, cellular, and molecular mechanisms of Neuromodulation of the immune system and their clinical implications in sepsis.
  • Dr Ulloa has served and chaired numerous international conferences, Editorial Boards and grant review committees.  
  • Dr Ulloa has received prestigious awards and funding from the Human Frontiers Organization, NATO, the National AHA, DOD, and NIH.