Name: luciane piccolo

Country: United States


State University of New York,
Family, Population and Preventive Medicine,
New York City.

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State University of New York, 
Family, Population and Preventive Medicine, 
​New York City.

Research Interests:

Learning, Cognitive Neuroscience, Neuroimaging, Memory, Cognitive Neuropsychology, Cognitive Development, Learning and Memory, Executive Function, Cognitive Psychology, Neuropsychological Assessment.



  1. Perceived stress is associated with smaller hippocampal volume in adolescence.
  2. Age-Related Differences in Cortical Thickness Vary by Socioeconomic Status.
  3. Current perspectives on the anatomo-clinical method in neuropsychology.
  4. Influence of family socioeconomic status on IQ, language, memory and executive functions of Brazilian children.
  5. Do socioeconomic status and stress reactivity really impact neurocognitive performance?
  6. Working Memory and Fluid Intelligence: The Role of Executive Processes, Age and School Type in Children.
  7. Tasks for assessment of the episodic buffer: A systematic review.
  8. Performance norms in task of reading words / isolated words (LPI) for children from 1st year to 7th year.
  9. Influences of developmental contexts and gender differences on school performance of children and adolescents.
  10. Psychosocial variables and reading performance of children with low socioeconomic status.