Name: Lu Zhang

Country: China


Shanghai Jiao,
Tong University School of Medicine,
Shanghai, 200011, China.

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Shanghai Jiao,
Tong University School of Medicine, 
​Shanghai, 200011, China.


  • Dr. Lu Zhang has significant expertise in business and teaching. 
  • He has extensive industry experience in architecting, designing, developing, and managing complex large scale software systems in various industrial sectors such as telecommunications, banking, insurance, healthcare, video, facility management, and internet. 
  • During his 16 years in the industry, Dr. Zhang has not only worked for companies of various sizes from start-up, small, medium, to large (Fortune 100) but also served in a variety of positions from consultant, software engineer, DBA, technical manager, project manager, to CTO and COO. 
  • He has also worked in various capacities involving almost every aspect of software development from requirements collection/analysis, systems engineering, project planning and management, design, development, performance tuning and system capacity planning, load building, integration and system testing, staging and implementation, deployment, training, to maintenance. 
  • In addition, Dr. Zhang has extensive experience in coordinating and managing off-shore software development projects.
  • Dr. Zhang also has 7 years of entrepreneur and business experience obtained from working with start-up companies. 
  • In 2000, Dr. Zhang co-founded, a technology company specializing in developing internet based platforms providing integrated, secure, and cost-effective management and ecommerce solutions for the healthcare industry. 
  • His professional background demonstrates a high level of competence in strategic entrepreneurship, including business opportunity recognition, competitive market assessment, strategic organizational design and structure, formation (“seed”) capital and venture capital, successful business management, and exit strategies.
  • In August, 2009, Dr. Zhang was chosen as a committee member for selecting China’s top ten New Class Elite Leaders. 
  • This landmark event was sponsored by China Business Focus (China), Australia Daily (Australia), International Daily News (US), The Mirror Newspaper (Hong Kong), and Global Business Connection (China). 
  • The 12-member selection committee was composed of business leaders and educators from Asia, United States and other countries and was co-chaired by Bob Hawk, former Prime Minister of Australia, and the former Deputy Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.
  • Dr. Zhang earned his B.E. in Computer Engineering from Shanghai Jiao-Tong University and his M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Iowa State University. 
  • He is member of Delta Mu Delta and an honorary member of Sigma Beta Delta.