Name: Loai Aljerf

Country: Syrian Arab Republic


Department of Life Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry, Damascus University

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Department of Life Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry, Damascus University

Research Interests:

Cleaner production, Environmental science, Environmental chemistry, Environmental Management, Ecology, Climate change, Pollution, Wastewater treatment, Air pollution, Natural resources, Adsorption, Life cycle assessment, Ecodesign, Design for the Environment, Eco-efficiency, Energy labeling, Persistent Organic Pollutants, Polychlorinated biphenyls, Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, Nanotechnology, Analytical chemistry, Green chemistry


Loai Aljerf is a Prof in Department of Life Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry/University of Damascus. He is a specialist in analytical and industrial chemistry. He obtained many awards and published more than 15 peer-reviewed papers (two of them in French) in Oral chemistry, Synthesis Chemistry, Concrete, Ceramics, Paper Industry, Environmental Sciences, Petrochemical, Green Chemistry, Extraction, Separation, and Lithium-Ion-Batteries. In addition, he presented his newborn product “Cardolite” in Euoranalysis XVIII (18 ed.) on September 6-10, 2015 in Bordeaux, France. He is a partner in Advances in Cleaner Production Network and a member of the German Chemical Society e.V. (GDCh) and the American University of Beirut. He is a member of the higher committee of the 6th International Workshop-Advance in Cleaner Production (São Paulo, Brazil (May 24th to 26th - 2017)). Loai Aljerf is an editor of more than 10 journals and a reviewer for Top journals in Industry, Chemical Engineering, and Environmental Chemistry.