Name: Llumiguano Carlos

Country: Spain


Neurosurgeon, M.D.,
Ph.D.Assoc. Prof. - Universidad San Francisco de Quito,
EcuadorHospital Vozandes Quito,
EcuadorHospital Quirón,
Ciudad Real, Spain.

Phone no: 3318990, 0989181037

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Ctra Fuensanta 67, Blque II, 4A,
13004 Ciudad Real,
Dr. Llumiguano Carlos, MD, Ph.D. 
Ankara Vozandes Building Ankara 
Medical Center 
N39-130 and Av. América 
1st floor - Office 103 
(next to the medical center AXXIS) 

Research Interests:

neurosurgery, with experience in neuro-oncology, functional neurosurgery and chronic pain, pathology of degenerative and traumatic spine.


  • Neurosurgeon, doctor en medical science - neuroscience in the University of Pecs, Hungary.
  • ex-Coordinator of neurooncolgy team and ex-Coordinator of Awake craniotomy team in Ciudad Real.
  • Functional neurosurgery with manny publications