Name: Lisa Coviello

Country: United States


William Beaumont Army Medical Center,
Chief, Colorectal Surgery and Endoscopy,
Associate Program Director, General Surgery Residency,
Assistant Professor of Surgery,
General Surgery Service.

Phone no: (808) 433-3479

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22 Cumberland Circle
El Paso, TX 79903
United States

Research Interests:

colon and rectal cancer


  • Dr. Lisa Coviello is one of 6 Tamc Surgeons.
  • She has been practicing for years and specializes primarily in Surgery, practicing in Tamc, Hawaii.


  1. Surgical Management and Associated Complications of Penetrating Rectal Injuries Sustained in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  2. Intussusception and Colonic Ischemia in Portal Hypertension: A Case Report.
  3. Equivalence in Colonoscopy Results Between Gastroenterologists and General Surgery Residents Following an Endoscopy Simulation Curriculum.
  4. A Short-Duration Restrictive Diet Reduces Visceral Adiposity in the Morbidly Obese Surgical Patient.
  5. Extraintestinal Manifestations Associated with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
  6. Cellular Changes of the Colon Following Mechanical Bowel Preparation.
  7. Surgical Management of Nonpolypoid Colorectal Lesions and Strictures in Colonic Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
  8. Hereditary neoplasia syndromes and the role of the surgeon.