Name: Lipi Rani Acharya Ph.D.,M.Sc

Country: USA


Sr. Biologist (Mathematical Applications),
Dow AgroSciences.

Phone no: (504) 289-6413

Email: Send an Email


Dow AgroSciences LLC,
9330 Zionsville Road.

Research Interests:

  • multivariate models and algorithms for systems biology
  • algorithms for gene network inference
  • dimensionality reduction
  • pattern discovery from high dimensional molecular profiling data.


  • Lipi Acharya received her PhD in Mathematics from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (2009).
  • She received a second PhD in the field of  Bioinformatics/ Compuatational Biology from the Department of Computer Science at the University of New Orleans (Aug 2008 - Dec 2011).
  • She has been a recipient several scholarships and awards for her academic excellence. She serves as a Review Editor for Frontiers in Statistical Genetics and Methodology.
  • She is also a peer reviewer for Bioinformatics, PLoS One etc.
  • She is currently a Sr. Biologist for mathematical applications at Dow AgroSciences, Indianapolis.