Name: Lingyong Li

Country: United States


MD Anderson Cancer Center.

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1515 Holcomb Blvd,
Y6.5817 Houston
TX 77030
United States

Research Interests:

  • Drug addiction,
  • GPCRs,
  • GRKs,
  • G-protein signaling,
  • Molecular and cellular neuroscience


  • I have been working at molecular and cellular neuroscience and GPCRs-related neuropharmacology fields since I got my PHD from Nanjing Agricultural University in 2006.
  • Currently, I am Research Investigator at Department of Anesthesiology, MD Anderson Cancer Center.
  • I am an author or co-author of over 10 journal articles in the past several years.
  • I have also reviewed 13 papers for 7 journals (i.e. Scientific Reports, J Neurotoxicity Research, J Molecular Neuroscience, NeuroReport, SAGE Open).
  • Acting as editor is an honor.