Name: Leon Bobrowski

Country: Poland


Bialystok University of Technology,
Faculty of Computer Science,

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Bialystok University of Technology, 
Faculty of Computer Science, 

Research Interests:

Data Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Algorithms, Statistics, Regression Analysis, Data Mining, Multivariate Data Analysis, Multivariate Analysis, Probability Theory.



  1. To024combination of Genotype and Phenotype Features as Predictors of Inflammation, Cardiovascular Disease and Protein Energy Wasting in Patients with Chronic Kidney Diseases.
  2. Selection of Genetic and Phenotypic Features Associated with Inflammatory Status of Patients on Dialysis Using Relaxed Linear Separability Method.
  3. Diagnosis supporting rules of the Hepar system.
  4. c-means clustering with the ll and l∞ norms.
  5. HEPAR: Computer system for di-agnosis support and data analysis.
  6. Induction of Multivariate Decision Trees by Using Dipolar Criteria.
  7. Feature selection based on linear separability and a CPL criterion function.
  8. Artificial Neural Networks in Identifying Areas with Homogeneous Survival Time.
  9. Selection of the Linearly Separable Feature Subsets.
  10. Relaxed Linear Separability (RLS) Approach to Feature (Gene) Subset Selection.