Name: Koji Ohnishi, PhD., M.S.

Affiliation: Fellow of the Faculty of Science
Niigata University

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Research Interests: (1) Evolutionary and theoretical biology and anthropological linguistics:
Origin and Evolution of Life, Origin of the earliest protein-synthesizing system (in relation to poly-tRNA theory), Origin of biosystems, Simultaneous origin of life and information, Macro-comparative linguistics, Human movements
(2) Cognitive information science and evolutionary semiotics: Origin and evolution of information and semiotic systems, biomachinogenesis via semiogenesis, origin and evolution of generalized culture in biotic and human populations, Evolution from generalized bio-culture to instinct-dependent behavioral systems, origin and evolution of generalized cognitive system and its mathematical modeling, Generalized phrase-structure grammar of biotic systems and the biotic origin of Chomsky’s generative grammar
(3) Mathematical sciences: Non-computer-aided proof of the Four-Color Theorem, basic problems in mathem

Biography: International Society for the Study of Origins and Evolution of Life (ISSOL)
Society for the Study of Origins and Evolution of Life, Japan (SSOELJ)
Society of Evolutionary Studies Japan
Japanese Society of Bioinformatics
Japanese Society of Mathematical Biology
Anthropological Society of Japan
Linguistic Society of America (LSA)
Linguistic Society of Japan (LSJ)
Japanese Society of Uralics,
International Society of Historical Linguistics (ISHL)
Japan Society for Historical Linguistics (JSHL)
Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ)