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National Aviation Academy of Azerbaijan;
Marmara Research Center of TUBITAK.

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Kerim Allahverdiyev


Mardakyan Prospekt 30,
AZ1045 Baku, Azerbaijan.

Research Interests:

  • Optics and Spectroscopy;
  • Nonlinear Optics;
  • Lasers;
  • Remote Sensing;
  • Semiconductors.


  • Graduated From Moscow Power Engineering ınstitute. PhD and DSc Theses at Azerbaijan Institute of physics and Institute of General Physics RAS.
  • Present position: Leader of Lasers and Applications Group at NAA of Azerbaijan and Scientific Advisor at Marmara Research Center   of TUBITAK
  • Prof. Allahverdiyev has interest in the field of experimental optical/nonlinear optical physics of low-dimensional chalcogenide crystals (also under high pressure) and the technology and physics of advanced nonlinear materials and small crystallites (including nano); electroluminescence in ternary chalcogenide crystals; solid state lasers and laser technoogy. 
  • He has specialization in solid state physics, optics, lasers and laser-matter interaction, lidars. 
  • He teaches and supervise students in optical electronics, laser spectroscopy, solid state physics, laser-matter interaction, non-linear optics. 
  • He has expertise in variety of nonlinear optical crystals, lasers and applications and teaching courses in different subjects. 
  • He has hands-on experience in modern spectroscopy techniques also under pressure (pump-probe experiments, Raman scattering, confocal Raman microscopy, nonlinear harmonic generation and wave mixing, photo- and electro- luminescence, exciton absorption and others), lasers and laser technologies, growth and characterization of single crystals, nanocrystals and polycrystalline materials, carrier transport and galvanomagnetic measurements, dielectric spectroscopy. 
  • His publications include more than 305 articles in Journals and Proceedings of Conferences, 3 books and 7 review articles, 5 patents.