Name: kaustubha mohanty

Country: India


Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

Phone no: + 91 361 2582267

Email: Send an Email


Guwahati - 781039, Assam, INDIA

Research Interests:

  • Biological Wastewater Treatment (Biosorption, Biodegradation,Bioremediation) 
  • Membrane based Separations (Membrane preparation and various application) 
  • Bioseparation (Separation of Proteins and Antibodies) 
  • Biofuels (Bio-Hydrogen, Bio-Diesel, Bio-Ethanol and Bio-Gas) 
  • Pyrolysis of Biomass towards valued added products such as Bio-oil & Bio-chemicals Ionic Liquids (Applications in Separation of Pollutants & Bio-products) 
  • Heterogeneous Catalysis (Development of catalysts and various applications) 
  • Microalgae Biorefinery (Screening novel strains for various value added products)


Academic/Professional Honors:

  •  Editor, Environmental Chemistry Division, Journal of Chemistry ï‚• Review Editor, Frontiers in Bioenergy and Biofuel 
  • Editorial Board Member, Research Journal of Environmental Sciences ï‚• Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Green Chemistry 
  • Editorial Board Member, Advances in Environmental Chemistry ï‚• Editorial Board Member, Biotechnology Journal 
  • Editorial Board Member, Indian Journal of Materials Science 
  • Editorial Board Member, Scientific Journal of Environmental Sciences
  •  Editorial Board Member, International Journal of BioSciences and Technology
  •  Editorial Board Member, Nanotechnology Series, Studium Press, Texas, USA 
  •  Guest Editor of the Special Issue of International Journal of Chemical Sciences featuring the selected proceedings of the National Conference on Frontiers in Chemical Engineering, Dec. 2007
  •  Member, BoS (Chemical Engg.), MSR Autonomous Institute of Technology, Bangalore 
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship from McMaster University, Canada 
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship from Ben-Gurion University, Israel 
  • MHRD Scholarship for PhD program at IIT Kharagpur