Name: Julia Piccoli

Country: Brazil


University of Sao Paulo-UNESP

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Carlos Gomes,
3428 Araraquara -SP

Research Interests:

Peptides nanomaterial self-assembled monolayers amonoacids proteins


  • He worked as a fellow in the Department of Biochemistry in a project in the area of Peptide Synthesis.
  • He holds a Master's degree from the Department of Biotechnology of the Chemistry Institute of UNESP Araraquara, where he already served as a student representative of the Congregation. He is doing the PhD in the same institution. 
  • He has experience in the field of Biochemistry with emphasis on: peptide synthesis, purification and characterization, HPLC, Circular Dichroism, Mass Spectrometry, LC-MS, MS-MS, SAMs formation in biosensors, impedance spectroscopy and capacitance spectroscopy electrochemistry used in the development of biosensors)