Name: Juan Manuel Carmona Torres

Country: Spain


University of Castilla-La Mancha,
University School of Nursing and Physiotherapy of Toledo,
Real city.

Phone no: 925 268 800, Ext: 5819.

Email: Send an Email


EU Nursing and Physiotherapy of Toledo,
Technological Campus Weapons Factory,
Avd. Carlos III s / n, Toledo.

Research Interests:

Nursing, Nursing Education, Gerontology, Geriatric Nursing, Palliative Medicine, Older Adults, Frailty, Falls, Elder Abuse.



  1. Programmed home visits by nursing professionals to older adults: Prevention or treatment?
  2. Factors associated with late fetal mortality.
  3. Questionnaire on nurses' knowledge regarding the current cardiopulmonary resuscitation recommendations.
  4. Nursing knowledge questionnaire on current recommendations for cardio-pulmonary resuscitation 2010.
  5. Analysis of knowledge about drug administration.
  6. Elder Abuse in a Developing Area in Bolivia.
  7. Prevalence in performing mammograms in Spain: analysis by communities 2006-2014 and factors that influence.
  8. Elder abuse within the family environment in the Azores Islands.