Name: Jose Luis Arias

Country: Spain


Faculty of Pharmacy,
Department of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology.

Phone no: (+34) 958243902 / 43902

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University of Granada,
18071 Granada, Spain.



  1. Design and characterization of a magnetite / pei multifunctional nanohybrid as non-viral vector and cell isolation system.
  2. Development and characterization of magnetite / poly (butylcyanoacrylate) nanoparticles for magnetic targeted delivery of cancer drugs.
  3. Development of biomedical 5-fluorouracil nanoplatforms for colon cancer chemotherapy: influence of process and formulation parameters.
  4. Folic acid-decorated and pegylated plga nanoparticles for improving the antitumour activity of 5-fluorouracil.
  5. Improved antitumor activity and reduced toxicity of doxorubicin encapsulated in poly (-caprolactone) nanoparticles in lung and breast cancer treatment: an in vitro and in vivo study.
  6. Nanotechnology in drug delivery to chronic inflammatory diseases.
  7. Development of multifunctional nanoplataforms as useful therantoic agents in colon cancer.
  8. Nanomedicine against chronic inflammatory diseases.
  9. Nanotechnology for vaginal drug delivery and targeting.
  10. Peroral polyester drug delivery systems.