Name: Jinpeng Chen

Country: China


Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

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10 Xitucheng Rd, Haidian Dist,

Beijing, 100876, P.R.China.

Research Interests:

Machine Learning, Classification, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Clustering, Information Extraction, Data Science.



  1. User emotion for modeling retweeting behaviors.
  2. Inferring Tag Co-occurrence Relationship across Heterogeneous Social Networks.
  3. Facial Age Estimation with Images in the Wild.
  4. Home Location Profiling for Users in Social Media.
  5. Mining Symptom-Herb Patterns from Patient Records Using Tripartite Graph.
  6. Enhancing Recommender Diversity Using Gaussian Cloud Transformation.
  7. From tie strength to function: Home location estimation in social network.
  8. Face recognition based on data field.
  9. Recommending interesting landmarks in photo sharing sites.
  10. Tag Co-occurrence Relationship Prediction in Heterogeneous Information Networks.