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2nd Xiangya Hospital,Central South University

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Jinnan Ou


Nursing department The 2nd Xiangya Hospital,Central South University No. 139, Renmin Road, Changsha, Hunan province,China.

Research Interests:



Education background:

June 2014: graduated from the school of public health of central south university.

        Master degree of public health, Specialized in social medicine and health management.

Major subjects: statistics, epidemiology, Social medicine, Research design, English, Health education.

December 2003:  graduated from School of nursing, Central South University. 

Bachelor's degree.

        Major subjects: Medical medicine, Surgical nursing, Obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, Nursing science, Mental disorders, English.

July 1985:  graduated from  Changde nursing school,Hunan province,p.r.China.

Major subjects: Medical nursing, Surgical nursing, Obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, Nursing science.

work experiences:
2009-09  to  present : Nursing department, appointed nursing  diretor of internal medicine, Supervising  24  medical  nursing units, responsible for nursing service quality control of these units.At this time period,I have accumulated rich experience in nursing management.
2001-08 to 2009-08: Head nurse in the department of cardiovascular medicine,
 Familiar with the nursing care of the patients with cardiovascular disease.
My team worked efficiently due to my strong communication skills and ability of organization.
1998-08 to 2001-08: Head nurse in the department of hematology.
During this three years ,I had accumulated rich experience in nursing care for patients with leukemia,and from then on got deep understanding of the psychological feelings of dying patients.
1996-08 to 1998-08: Cardiovascular unit senior staff nurse.
1994-7 to 1996-08: Intensive care unit senior staff nurse.
Care for many patients with severe internal or surgical problems.
Skilled in various rescue techniques.
1992-06 to 1994-06: Trainee at Singapore General Hospital. Specialized in medical care and pediatric surgical care.
1985-07 to 1994-06: Emergency department nurse.
Major research areas:
Intensive care; Chronic disease management; Pulmonary rehabilitation



Main  publications

[1] Jinnan Ou, MN, Huaying Chen, MN, Lezhi Li, MD, Liping Zhao, MD, Na Nie, BN.The role of non-invasive ventilation used immediately after planned extubation for adults with chronic respiratory disorders[J].Saudi Med J 2018; Vol. 39 (2): doi: 10.15537/smj.2018.2.21942

[2]Jinnan OU ,Duan Shu,Zhao Shui-ping.A Study on the Dysfunctional Attitudes of Hypertension Patients with Depression[J].Chinese Journal of Clinical Psychology 2009;17(14):487-489.

[3]Jinnan Ou, MN, Huaying Chen,etal.Qualitative research on psychological experience of hospitalized patients in Department of respiration intensive care unit[J].Journal of Nursing(China;March,2017;

Vol.24 No.5:62-65.

[4]Jinnan OU.Review of core competence of nurses[J].Journal of nursing science;feb.2016;Vol.31No.3.

[5]Wenwen fan,Jinnan OU.Nursing care of the patient with Graves ophthalmopathy Undergoing Endoscopic combined endoscopic surgery[J] .General nursing journal(china),2018;Vol.16No.7.