Name: Jian Wang

Country: China


Department of Social Medicine and Health Administration,
School of Public Health,
Shandong University.

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Department of Social Medicine and Health Administration, 
School of Public Health, 
​Shandong University.

Research Interests:

Public Health, Health Care Management, Health, Health Disparities, Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Healthcare, Health Systems, Health Economics, Health Policy, Socioeconomic Factors, Experimental economics in health.



  1. Imbalance in inpatient costs between urban and rural diabetes patients in Jinan, China.
  2. Hepatitis B vaccination coverage rates among adults in rural China: Are economic barriers relevant?
  3. Direct economic burden of hepatitis B virus related diseases: Evidence from Shandong, China.
  4. Expanding health insurance coverage in vulnerable groups: A systematic review of options.
  5. Comparing Public and Private Hospitals in China: Evidence from Guangdong.
  6. Inpatient treatment of diabetic patients in Asia: Evidence from India, China, Thailand and Malaysia.
  7. Soft budget constraints in China: Evidence from the Guangdong hospital industry.
  8. The Short-term Impact of SARS on the Chinese Economy.