Name: Javier Martinez-Reina

Country: Spain


Sevilla University

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School of Engineering,
Seville Camino,
los Descubrimientos s / n 41092,
Seville (SPAIN).

Research Interests:

Bone physiology, Disorders of bone, Biomechanics, bone remodeling, mechanobiology, implants, bone behavior models



  1. Numerical estimation of bone density and elastic constants distribution in a human mandible.
  2. Effect of porosity and mineral content on the elastic constants of cortical bone: a multiscale approach.
  3. A bone remodelling model including the directional activity of BMUs.
  4. Finite element analysis of the human mastication cycle.
  5. Percutaneous iliosacral fixation in external rotational pelvic fractures. A biomechanical analysis.
  6. A study of the temporomandibular joint during bruxism.
  7. Biomechanical analysis of a new minimally invasive system for osteosynthesis of pubis symphysis disruption.
  8. The effect of kinematic constraints in the inverse dynamics problem in biomechanics.
  9. On the role of bone damage in calcium homeostasis.
  10. Numerical simulation of bone remodelling around dental implants.