Name: Jamal Uddin

Country: Pakistan


Assistant Professor,
Computer Science Department,
Qurtuba University Of Science & Information Technology,
Peshawar, KP,

Email: Send an Email


Moh Haya Khan,
Qafila Road,
Tehkal Payan,

Research Interests:

  • Utilizing strengths of proposed and classical data mining & artificial intelligence techniques in several applications like for example in software engineering, information retrieval system,
  • and image processing is my key research area.
  • Having a strong mathematical background I have keen interest in improving the mathematical basis for different data mining, artificial intelligence techniques and knowledge
  • discovery processes.
  • I am also interested in exploration of strength and weaknesses of evaluation measures to well judge data mining & artificial intelligence techniques.
  • Taking the benefits of the strengths of rough set theory as better alternative for data analysis, soft computing and knowledge discovery tasks like prediction, optimization, clustering and classification.



  • 5 Stars Publication Award in PhD
  • 5 Stars Graduate on time Award in PhD
  • Official Mendeley Advisor
  • Certified Tutor of LaTeX
  • Reviewer of different journals and conferences
  • Bronze Medal (3rd Position) in Research & Innovation competetion’2016, UTHM.
  • Participated in 3MIN Thesis Research competetion’2016, UTHM. 


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