Name: Istvan Arany

Country: United States


Dept. Pediatrics,
Div. Pediatric Nephrology.

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Research Wing, Room R116A/2,
2500 N. State St.,
Jackson, MS 39216, United States.

Research Interests:

Renal injury, cell signaling, oxidative stress


  • My studies focus on risk factors that affect the course and progression of renal acute kidney injury (AKI), an established precursor of chronic kidney disease (CKD).
  • Recently we found that chronic nicotine exposure (Ch-NIC), that mimics effects of long term smoking- exacerbates renal ischemic injury in vivo and oxidant-mediated injury in vitro.
  • My current research implies that Ch-NIC -through -nicotinic-acethylcholine-receptor - amplifies and sustains renal injury-initiated inflammation, fibrosis and vascular dysfunction that facilitate progression to CKD.