Name: Igor Korobko

Country: Russia


VR (Vitiligo Research) Foundation, NY, USA,
Chief Scientific Director; Institute of Gene Biology,
Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia,
Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Oncogenetics,
Head of the Department of Cancer Gene Therapy.

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Institute of gene biology,
Russian academy of sciences,
34/5 Vavilov street,
Moscow 119334, Russia

Research Interests:

Vitiligo, cancer reseach (molecular oncology), molecular and cell biology


  • Igor V. Korobko received his M.Sci degree in applied physics and mathematics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, PhD and DSci degrees on molecular genetics and molecular biology from Institute of Gene Biology, Russian Academy of Sciences. 
  • He has been actively engaged in the field of cancer research and treatment for more than fifteen years. 
  • Dr. Korobko heads the Department of cancer gene therapy at the Institute of Gene Biology since 2008, and heads the Laboratory of molecular oncogenetics since 2006. 
  • In 2011, Dr. Korobko joined a non-profit Vitiligo Research Foundation as a Chief Scientific Director, adding to his research interests the problem of vitiligo. 
  • Currently Dr. Korobko is also a member of member of the Expert council on biological sciences, the Higher Attestation Commission of Russian Federation, and a member of Scientific Advisory Board, Russian Foundation for Technological Development.