Name: Hirofumi Harima

Country: Japan


scientific knowledge at ResearchGate,Yamaguchi University.

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scientific knowledge at ResearchGate,Yamaguchi University.



  1. A Case of Duodenal Carcinoid Tumor Diagnosed by Endoscopic Ultrasonography Guided Fine-needle Aspiration (EUS-FNA).
  2. A Case of Solid Pseudopapillary Neoplasm of the Pancreas with Massive Central Calcification.
  3. The oral iron chelator, deferasirox, may be a novel potential therapeutic agent for pancreatic cancer.
  4. Successful Management of Walled-off Necrosis and Pseudo-aneurysm Related with Severe Acute Pancreatitis´╝ŤA Case Report.
  5. Differential diagnosis of benign and malignant branch duct intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm using contrast-enhanced endoscopic ultrasonography.
  6. Sa1517 Deferasirox, a Newly Developed Oral Iron Chelator, Showing Antiproliferative Activity Against Pancreatic Cancer In Vitro and In Vivo.
  7. Efficacy of Contrast-enhanced Harmonic Endoscopic Ultrasonography in the Diagnosis of Pancreatic Ductal Carcinoma.
  8. Deferasirox, a novel oral iron chelator, shows antiproliferative activity against pancreatic cancer in vitro and in vivo.
  9. Side-by-side placement of bilateral endoscopic metal stents for the treatment of postoperative biliary stricture.