Qualification: PhD

Country: United Kingdom


King's College London.

Phone no: 020 7848 6629

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Clinical Lecturer,
Department of Primary Care & Public Health Sciences,
King's College London,
3rd Floor, Addison House,
Guy's Campus,
London, SE1 1UL.

Research Interests:

  • General Practice
  • Genetics and Molecular Biology
  • Cancer Diagnosis
  • Chemical Pathology and Biomarkers


  • My experience in research began as a laboratory-based molecular biologist.
  • I studied for my PhD in molecular and cellular biology at Imperial College London, investigating the pathology of myotonic dystrophy.  
  • On completion of my PhD, I accepted a postdoctoral research post at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, working on the use of chitosan as an oral delivery system and developing a non-viral gene delivery vehicle for the treatment of haemophilia IX.
  • In this role I was given the opportunity to work closely with a number of patient groups.
  • Because I enjoyed direct patient contact, I went on to study medicine and later specialise in general practice.
  • I currently work as a general practitioner in Lambeth and clinical lecturer at King's College London within the Division of Health and Social Care Research.
  • In this role, I am developing my clinical research portfolio in diagnostics in primary care and early detection of cancer.
  • In my free time I am an elected public governor for King's College Hospital NHS Trust working closely with patient groups to improved healthcare services within my community.