Name: Giuseppe Di Benedetto

Country: Italy


Cytopathology Service,
ASL Caserta,
Department of Clinical Pathology

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Cytopathology Service,
ASL Caserta,
Department of Clinical Pathology,
University Hospital Marcianise (CE), Italy. 

Research Interests:

Cytopathology, Thyroid Cancer and BRAF mutation, Cyto Morphometry and Histopathology.


  • Giuseppe Di Benedetto completed his Ph.D. at the age of 26 at University of Naples (Italy) Federico II , and postdoctoral studies at the Service of Cytopathology of University of Naples. 
  • He is a person in charge of Cytopathology at UOC of Pathological Anatomy (Aversa) of Second University of Naples . 
  • He has published more than 20 papers on reputed journals and is editorial board member and reviewer of several peer reviewed journals . 
  • He has obtained a Top Prize named "ABM technology" in 2011 during the National Conference of Clinical Pathology on "The role of the BRAF gene in the diagnosis of papillary carcinoma."  
  • Recently , he has published some studies on the thyroid cytology and on the role of the B-Raf mutation proposing a new technique for Dna extraction by Fine needle citology (FNC) , to improve the diagnostic accurancy of papillary carcinoma.  
  • Dr Di Benedetto is a dedicated, full time cytopathologist ( a professional hybrid according to Prof. LG Koss).