Name: Gianluca Piatelli

Country: Italy


Head-Neck Department and Neuroscience,
U.O.C. Neurosurgery,
IRCCS Istituto Giannina Gaslini,
Via Gerolamo Gaslini 5, 16147,

Phone no: +39 346 3026185

Email: Send an Email


Gaslini Children’s Hospital,
Resident in Genoa,
via Biasioli 337.

Research Interests:

Particular expertise in the management of spinal skeletal disorders in pediatric age, spinal cord malformations, spinal cord tumors, plastic skulls, brain tumors.


• Member of the Italian Society of Neurosurgery
• Member Gis / SICV
• Memberships AO SPINE
• Member of the Rotary Club Rapallo -Tigullio (member of the board of directors)
• Board member Zavattaro Foundation