Name: George Kordas

Country: Greece


Twice ERC laureate (Nanotherapy Advanced Grant and PoC Grant) ERC LS7 Panel Member, Member of the ASF 15 Panel

Phone no: 0030-210-6503301

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 National Center for Scientific Research,
 Institute of Materials Science,
 153 10 Ag. Paraskevi Attikis Athens,



  • 1984 Co-Chairman of the International Conference "Effects of Modes of Formation on the Structure
  • of Glass," Vanderbilt University, 1984.
  • 1984 Session Chairman of the International Conference "Effects of Modesof Formation on the
  • Structure of Glass," Vanderbilt University, 1984.
  • 1986 Quality Appointment, Associate Professor, University of Illinois at
  • Urbana/Champaign, Urbana, Illinois, USA.
  • 1986 Session Chairman, Space Processing of Engineering Materials, American Ceramic Society,
  • 1986.
  • 1987 Session Chairman, Superconductors, American Ceramic Society, San Diego
  • 1988 Member of the International Organizing Committee of the Sol-Gel Workshop, Sao Carlos,
  • Brazil, 1989
  • 1988 Member of the Academic Advisory Committee of the Aegean University, Greece.
  • 1988 Advisor of the Materials Science Department at the University of Sao Carlos, Brazil.
  • 1988 National Science Foundation Advisor for Materials Research Groups
  • 1988 Who is who in Engineering
  • 1989 Who is who in Superconductivity
  • 1989 Visiting Professor, University of Sao, Carlos Brazil
  • 1989 Instructor of the Winter School, University of Sao Carlos, Brazil.
  • 1989 Member of the International Steering Committee for Sol-Gel
  • Processing, CT-16 Committee
  • 1989 Session Chairman, Radiation Effects in Glass, American Ceramic Society, Annual Meeting,Indianapolis.SCHOLASTIC


  • 2015 “Honorary Award for Outstanding Achievements in Innovation”, February 2015
  • 2014 “2nd Festival of Science and Innovation”, member of the organizing committee, 2015
  • 2014 “Member of the Starting Grant ERC LS7 Panel”, European Research Council
  • 2014 “ERC-OA-2013-PoC European Research Council ERC Proof of Concept”, 620238, A
  • Novel Nanocontainer drug carrier for targeted treatment of cancer,
  • 2012 “Award for Scientific Excellence”, National Center for Scientific Research, Thursday 23
  • February 2012
  • 2011 “Guest Professor”, Georg Simon Ohm University of Applied Sciences, Materials
  • Engineering,,
  • June 2011
  • 2011 Member of the “NANO2012”, XI International Conference on Nanostructured Materials
  • August 26-31, 2012 Rhodes Palace Convention Center Rhodes, Greece.