Name: Francesco Primo Vaccari

Qualification: Ph.D

Country: Italy


Institute of Biometeorology National Research Council IBIMET- CNR

Phone no: +390553033711

Fax: +39055308910

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Orcid Id: 0000000252532135


Institute of Biometeorology -National Research Council

Via Caproni, 8

I-50145 Firenze

Research Interests:

  • Plant Ecology
  • Climate Change Impact & Mitigationrn
  • Effects of high CO2 on crops and natural ecosystems
  • Biosphere atmosphere interactions
  • Precision agriculture
  • Biochar


Born in Florence (Italy) 26 April 1967, married with a child.

Education: Agricultural Science Degree, University of Florence (1994) and PhD in Ecology and Environmental Systems, University of Udine (2010)

Permanent Research Scientist at Institute of Biometeorology - National Research Council (IBIMET CNR) (headquarter Florence) since (2002- present).

Scientific highlights:

  • Ecophysiological studies on the effects of elevated CO2 on crops and natural ecosystems.
  • Biosphere atmosphere interactions.
  • Urban carbon fluxes.
  • Regional fluxes as a validation tool for atmospheric and ecosystem modelling.
  • Development and integration of remote sensing and micrometeorological devices.
  • Precision agriculture.
  • Biochar effects on crops.

Publication record (October, 2017):

  • 61 ISI papers.
  • 21 no ISI papers.
  • 38 Book chapters.
  • 92 International /National Conference contributions.
  • 9 Books.
  • H-index = 22 (ISI WEB)
  • H-index = 28 (Google Scholar)

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