Qualification: Ph.D

Country: Italy


Department of Public Health,
University of Napoli Federico II,
Occupation Or Position Held,
Research fellowship in Hygiene and Public Health.

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Department of Public Health,
University of Napoli Federico Ii,
Via S.Pansini, 5 -80131,
Naples, Italy.

Research Interests:

  • Health food
  • Hygiene of the physical environment
  • Epidemiology of chronic-degenerative diseases
  • Preventive and community dentistry
  • Community medicine
  • Epidemiology and prevention of infectious diseases.


Personal Skills and Competences

  • The research has been conducted mainly in areas such as health food, hygiene of the physical environment, Epidemiology of chronic-degenerative diseases, preventive and community dentistry, community medicine, epidemiology and prevention of infectious diseases. 

Studies on epidemiology and prevention of infectious diseases: 

  • serum-epidemiologic studies; 
  • surveillance and control of hospital and community infections.

Studies on Health Food: 

  • epidemiological analysis of the risk for human health caused by different environmental and food "emerging" bacteria.; H.A.C.C.P approach to control of food safety and quality

Studies on physical environment: 

  • control of microbiological quality of water (es:Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Legionella, Aeromonas and Ps. Aeruginosa ete.).

Studies on hospital environment: 

  • guidelines for organizing centralized sterilization departments in hospitals and effectiveness verification
  • Customer Satisfaction in Hospitals.