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Istituto Europeo di Onco...,

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Ferro Matteo


Istituto Europeo di Onco..., 

Research Interests:

  • MedicinernCancer Biology
  • Urology
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Bladder Cancer
  • Renal Cancer
  • Prostate Carcinoma
  • Prostate Specific Antigen


  • Matteo Ferro ,(M) is an MD PhD, who holds a specialty in Urology.
  • He is an assistent at division of Urology from May 2013.
  • He has been working with prostate cancer biomarkers and coordinates ,at the University of study "Federico II" of Naples  , the evaluation of p2Psa and Phi for detection of Prostate cancer at the initial biopsy for the prostate cancer aggressiveness stratification (Grantor : Beckman Coulter, Inc 2012).
  • He has taught the Master of translational medicine , at University Study of Salerno in 2013(PONa3_00138/F1).
  • He is author and co-author of about 60 articles in peer-reviewed journals  and  he served as a reviewer for several international peer reviewed journals.
  • He is the member of the Italian Society of Urology,  Italian Society of Urologic Oncology, European Association of Urology.
  • He has lectured at more than 30 national and  international conferences