Name: Fatih Deniz

Country: Turkey


Harran University

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Harran University is a state university
Şanlıurfa, Turkey

Research Interests:

Environment, Water Quality, Environmental Impact Assessment, Wastewater Treatment, Environmental Analysis, Environmental Pollution, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Water Treatment, Adsorption, Kinetics, Wastewater Engineering, Heavy Metals, Biological Wastewater Treatment, Water Purification Technologies



  1. Application of a novel phyco-composite biosorbent for biotreatment of aqueous medium polluted with manganese ions
  2. An ecofriendly approach for bioremediation of contaminated water environment: Potential contribution of a coastal seaweed community to environmental improvement
  3. Biosorption of heavy metal ions by chemically modified biomass of coastal seaweed community: Studies on phycoremediation system modeling and design
  4. A promising biosorbent for biosorption of a model hetero-bireactive dye from aqueous medium
  5. Exploration of biosorption potential of forest industry by-product for removal of reactive dye from aqueous solution
  6. Bioremoval of Malachite green from water sample by forestry waste mixture as potential biosorbent
  7. Biosorption of Food Green 3 by a novel green generation composite biosorbent from aqueous environment
  8. A Novel Eco-Biosorbent for Decontamination of Hazardous Dye from Aqueous Medium
  9. Efficiency of Modified Composite Biosorbent for Bioremoval of Phosphate Ions in Aqueous Area: Process Modeling Studies
  10. Removal of colorant from simulated wastewater by phyco-composite material: Equilibrium, kinetic and mechanism studies in a lab-scale application