Name: Farideh Hamidi

Country: Iran, Islamic Republic of


Shahid Rajaee University

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Shahid Rajaee University
Tehran Province,
Tehran, iran

Research Interests:

Mental Health, Family Therapy, Sport Psychology



  1. The Role of Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy on Students Adjustment
  2. The Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy and Students’ Defense Mechanisms
  3. A Comparative Study of the Cultural Intelligence and Marital Satisfaction of the Married Students of Teacher Training University
  4. Predicting the job Satisfaction of Teachers Based on Their Emotional Intelligence and Self-Efficacy
  5. Modeling effective motivational strategies and motivation for learning effective mathematics achievement mediation efficacy and learning styles of mediation efficacy
  6. The Impact of Gender on the Organizational Intelligence of High School Principals in Yazd
  7. A study on algebraic proof conception of high school second graders
  8. Manufacture and Validation of New Negative Priming Measurement for Studying Individual Differences in Working Memory
  9. A Gender Comparative study on Emotional Intelligence and Coping Styles in Adolescents
  10. Relationship between emotional intelligence and leadership styles of principals in high schools