Name: Ernesto Contreras-Torres

Country: Cuba


Department of Programming and Digital Systems, University of Computer Science

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10 St. # 7 between Roberto RodrÃguez and Oriente Norte, Manicaragua, Villa Clara

Research Interests:

Cheminformatics, Computational characterization of protein structures, Machine-learning, Metaheuristics.



  1. New Set Of 3d-Protein Descriptors Based On Two-Linear Algebraic Maps: Predicting Proteins Biological Activity.
  2. Examining the predictive accuracy of the novel 3D N-linear algebraic molecular codifications on benchmark datasets.
  3. Novel 3D Bio-Macromolecular Bilinear Descriptors for Protein Science: Predicting Protein Structural Classes.
  4. QuBiLS-MIDAS: A Parallel Free-Software for Molecular Descriptors Computation Based on Multilinear Algebraic Maps.
  5. Critical essay on the book: "Solar gold and other sources of energy" by Enrico Turrini.
  6. Critical essay of the book: "The laser".
  7. New coding of the three-dimensional structure of proteins.
  8. Optimization library based in ant colony on platform T-arenal.
  9. Particle-based optimization on the T-arenal Platform.