Name: Endre Varga

Country: Hungary


Department Traumatology, University of Szeged.

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Department Traumatology, University of Szeged.

Research Interests:

Finite Element Analysis, Finite Element Modeling, Biomechanics, FE Analysis, Fracture, ICU, Trauma Surgery, Arthroplasty, Bone, Osteoporosis, Anterior Cruciate Ligament.



  1. Correction of a severe facial asymmetry with computerized planning and with the use of a rapid prototyped surgical template: A case report/technique article.
  2. Advanced Trauma Life Support, 8th Edition, The Evidence for Change.
  3. Intraosseous generation of heat during guided surgical drilling: An ex vivo study of the effect of the temperature of the irrigating fluid.
  4. MedEdit: A computer assisted planning system for orthopedic-trauma surgery.
  5. MedEdit: A Computer Assisted Image Processing and Navigation System for Orthopedic Trauma Surgery..
  6. Putative proprioceptive function of the pelvic ligaments: Biomechanical and histological studies.
  7. Severe Pelvic Bleeding: The Role of Primary Internal Fixation.
  8. External cooling efficiently controls intraosseous temperature rise caused by drilling in a drilling guide system: An in vitro study.
  9. Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) in Hungary; The First 10 Years.
  10. Surgery on virtual model and 3-dimensional printing of a surgical wafer for the correction of a severe mandibular asymmetry.