Name: Emanuele Schimmenti

Country: Italy


Department of Agricultural, Food and Forest Sciences, University of Palermo

Phone no: +3909123896613

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Department of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences 
University of Palermo Viale delle Scienze, 
Building 4 - Entrance to Department of Agricultural, 
Food and Forest Sciences 
University of Palermo Viale delle Scienze, Building 4 - Entrance A

Research Interests:

Economic analysis of farms operating in productive sectors of Mediterranean agriculture, economics of agro-food markets in the same sectors, cooperation in agriculture, fishing sector and aquaculture, the evolution of land register and land market, forestry and agro-environmental issues in the European Union



  1. The importance of the web marketing strategies for the nurseries and gardening companies in the Southern Italy.
  2. Sicilian floriculture companies and the role of transport in increasing their competitiveness.
  3. The dynamics of land values in Sicily (1992-2010). The land values trend in Sicily (1992-2010).
  4. The competitiveness of the floriculture sector of Southern Italy on the international market.
  5. Understanding Consumer Demand for Sustainable Beef Production in Rural Communities.
  6. Implementation of green harvesting in the Sicilian wine industry: Effects on the cooperative system.
  7. Agriculture in a Sicilian inland area: Strategies and motivations of conversion towards multifunctional activities.
  8. Application of a model for the evaluation of the “Visitor Satisfaction” in a nature reserve of South Italy.
  9. Urban Landscape Evolution as a Consequence of an Invasive Pest: The Case of a Small Sicilian Town.
  10. Good, safe and fair: Quality perception and consumer demand of locally produced beef in Southern Italy.
  11. Behaviour of consumers of conventional and organic flowers and ornamental plants in Italy.
  12. The dynamics of land values in Sicily (1992-2010). The land values trend in Sicily (1992-2010).