Name: El-Sayed El-Agamy

Country: Saudi Arabia


Prof. Immunology,
Qassium University, KSA.

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Dept. Applied Medical Sciences,
College of Community (Unaizah),
Qassium University,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
P.O Box 4394 Unaizah 51911.

Research Interests:

Protein chemistry and preparation of antisera , allergy, vaccines, protein biochemistry, Immunology, Molecular biology, physiology, virology.


  • Elsayed Ibrahim Elagamy is a professor and head of department of Applied Medical Sciences, College of Community (Unaizah), Qassim University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • He holds his Ph.D on Immunovirology in 1989.
  • From 1990 - present, he co-operated, examined and supervised 32 M.Sc and Ph.D students from different disciplines as Biochemistry, Food Science, Physiology , Microbiology , Clinical immunology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Entomology, Biotechnology, Medical and Veterinary Sciences and Animal Sciences.
  • During the period from 1990 till now, more than 100 scientific seminars and public lectures have been given internationally or locally.
  • He referred More than 60 journal articles, book chapters and invited papers in symposium speaker and session chair at some local and international scientific conferences.
  • He participated in several International conferences in USA, Canada, France, England, Finland, Mauritania, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Tunisia, Sweden, and Saudi Arabia.
  • He is an editorial board member for several Scientific Journals as well as he is an Associate Editor for three International Scientific Journals.
  • In 2016, he was chosen as an Associate Editor of Merit research Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences.